KEINHAUS is located on the border of Detroit and Hamtramck.    Hamtramck is surrounded by the city of Detroit, Hamtramck was originally settled by German farmers, but Polish immigrants flooded into the area when the Dodgeplant opened in 1914.  
Over the past thirty years, a large number of immigrants from the Middle East and South Asiahave moved to the city. As of the 2010 , the city's foreign born population stood at 41.1%, making it Michigan's most internationally diverse city.

KEINHAUS looks out onto a large empty field where houses used to stand, but to the other side is a densely populated neighborhood, full of international markets and dive bars.   It is located across the street from pop's packing and experimental exhibition space.   
Detroit is a city which is often associated with the Industrial Revolution and it's subsequent decline.

Detroit is a city, full of history, a rich history from motown, to techno, to art deco, to "ruin porn"    The experience of Detroit stays with you.  
There is a sense of community and ingenuity which comes from the challenges of living in a city which has been hit hard economical

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